Excursions and hiking tours in La Val

Discover the hiking paradise of Alta Badia

The summer scenery in La Val is something unforgettable and difficult to describe. Right in front of our hotel, millions of years old “pale rock” castles rise from the green Armentara meadows, making limpid water flows, and thus allowing life of rich fauna and some delicate flora species to flourish.

This is the Sas dla Crusc, one of the emblems of Val Badia, joined by the Sas dales Nü that together with many peaks, plateaus, pastures and meadows makes La Val a hiking paradise.

The hiking area of La Val in Alta Badia is suitable for all needs and all ages with many paths that start directly from the Hotel Ciurnadù. The offer ranges from the flat trails of Armentara up to the more demanding trekking routes, which lead to the conquest of one of the many peaks that surround the village.

After a regenerating break on the way in one of the inviting “hütte” (hut) under a clear sky, set off to discover a whole new world of beauty and adventure.

The Sanctuary Crusc

La Crusc

Known as the “Emblem of Val Badia”, the Sanctuary of Santa Croce is nestled between the slopes of the Sas dla Crusc, from where you can enjoy a truly breath-taking view over the whole area of Alta Badia. There are several mountain paths that reach the Crusc from our hotel. One can either take path 16 which leads to the mountain or across the meadows of Armentara, strolling leisurely through meadows and woods.

Trekking Rit

Crusc de Rit

This ring route, which overlooks the village of La Val, is doable for everyone and starts directly from our hotel, from where one can walk through the forest road with the trail marker 15 to reach the meadows of Rit. From here, passing through numerous “hütten” (huts) on a flat stretch, one reaches the rock of Crusc de Rit. Spectacular is the view of the old church and the church of Santa Berbura. If you take the descent towards the Ju de Rit, then the path 6 and finally the path 15, you will arrive at Fontanella, right next to Ciurnadù.

Trekking Piz das Nü

Piz das Nü

A rather challenging excursion that one can undertake, again starting directly from our hotel. Take path 13-15 towards Val de Fanes, where a gravel path goes up to the Ju de Sant Antone. From here, you have to climb steep slopes to conquer the ridge, where you can find the characteristic stone slabs. The awesome view at the top will literally make you gape!

Trekking Armentara meadows

Armentara meadows

An easy excursion that allows one to reach the “pride of La Val”. The Armentara meadows are unique for their unparalleled beauty and for the varied flora during the flowering season. From our hotel, one takes the trail 13-15 towards the meadows Ramёi, and from there it is a lovely walk through the woods, following trail 15, which leads one to their destination at the foot of the Sas dla Crusc.